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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PBS Documentary: Road to the Future. Tonight!

PBS is airing a documentary tonight that sounds like its going to be great.
From PBS Website:
"Blueprint America: Road to the Future, an original documentary part of a PBS multi-platform series on the country’s aging and changing infrastructure, examines the choices we can make as the country invests in its infrastructure, and how they can affect the way we live."

It should be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the importance in investing in alternative modes of transportation. Check out a preview here: PBS DOCUMENTARY: ROAD TO THE FUTURE

You can watch the full documentary online at the link below!
Watch Documentary Here
If Part 3: Portland, the Road Less Traveled doesn't convince you that Streetcars are a priority for Cincinnati, then I don't know what will! We have to do this! Cincinnati could be the first major midwestern city to move into the 21st century and become an incredibly desirable place to live. We will be left behind if we don't build the streetcars!

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Cincinnati NAMjA said...

thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a great program.

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