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Friday, January 15, 2010

See, what have I been saying all along!?

The Enquirer ran this article yesterday that is pretty much in line with what this blog has been trying to advocate for quite some time now. Over the Rhine should be preserved and treasured as our city's most valuable neighborhood. The history, architecture and urban landscape here is truly unique to Cincinnati and can not be found on such a large scale anywhere else in the country.
I'm glad to see the Enquirer and its writers are starting to see the importance of their role in changing the ill informed perceptions many Cincinnatians have about the neighborhood. With their help all of the redevelopment going on in the neighborhood can become that much better with positive media attention. Most of the new living units being created in the neighborhood are selling out quickly, even those on streets previously thought to be "too dangerous" to attract new residents. That shows we're not wasting our time or money saving historic buildings, there is a demand and that demand will continue to increase in the future.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good news for Tower Place Mall

As reported in today's enquirer Tower Place Mall has a new owner/developer that promises to breathe much needed new life into 4th Streets struggling retail center. The developer responsible for creating Rookwood Commons now has his sights set on downtown. 4th Street is fast becoming a center point for downtown living. With all the new activity buzzing around Fountain Square, a well stocked retail destination would be a huge asset to insuring long term success downtown. It really makes sense to have a good central shopping spot in the center of the city rather than out in the suburbs. Now what we really need is a good grocery store downtown also. I'm tired of having to drive to Rookwood or Clifton for groceries. A nice whole foods market or similar along the streetcar route would be a dream come true
for Downtown and OTR residents.

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