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Friday, January 30, 2009

Milk Money Volume 4 Weird Workout...Release Party

TONIGHT: Milk Money Volume 4 Release Party
WHEN: 7:30pm
WHERE: FERALMADE Gallery 4573 Hamilton Ave (in Northside)
WHAT: Featuring Author Readings, Projections by PROJECTMILL and Live Music by Electric Owls and Matthew Shelton
Its gonna be awesome.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The News Record: UC students in Support of Streetcar

Click Here to read for yourself.

Guest Blogger on Cincy Streetcar Blog

Here's a link to a nice post on Streetcars. Check it out!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

State of the Streetcars

This week the City of Cincinnati will be interviewing companies who are submitting proposals to design, build, and operate the streetcar system.
Protransit Link

Friday, January 23, 2009

Enquirer Article on Washington Park Renovations

Here's another article featured in the Enquirer today this time discussing the upcoming plans for Washington Park. The article tries to highlight that "long time residents" are skeptical about the plans. They interview two admittedly alcoholic homeless people who say they use the park as a gathering ground to meet up with other alcoholics and drug addicts.
Doesn't this highlight the need to do something about this huge problem? Even the homeless addicts who hang out there admit that the park is simply being used as a gathering ground for criminal activity!
The fact that this city has allowed that space to be abused like this for so long is absolutely ludicrous! This park should be a safe, attractive meeting ground for people to walk through, read books in, take their kids to, etc. etc. Instead, its being used as the worst display of human filth you can possibly imagine.
The Washington Park renovation is one of two projects in Over the Rhine that I believe is going to be crucial to finally cleaning up the neighborhood and stabilizing it for years to come (the other being the streetcars of course).
Those people who use that park for exactly what the article points out have got to go. If the Drop Inn Center and other social service agencies in the neighborhood refuse demand that the people they serve do something to clean up their lives, then the city and the neighborhood's new residents should demand and enforce it themselves.
Washington Park must be cleaned up.
In my opinion, all of the progress being made in OTR is a waste if Washington Park is allowed to stay in its current state.
What do you think? Comment Below.

Over the Rhine Feature Article In Enquirer

Check out this large, multi-page spread in the Enquirer today! Looks like all of the new stuff going on in OTR is gaining some attention.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama to help with Streetcar Project

City Council is hoping to get some help from the Obama economic stimulus plan to help fund the Streetcar Project. This project fits perfectly within the new President's plan for improving the economy and job market by funding infrastructure improvements and investing in alternative transportation (rail transit). The project will help create jobs immediately and also help stabilize the city's neighborhoods and provide economic benefits for years to come. City Manager Dohoney is currently in the process of compiling a report on the status of the streetcar project funding and is scheduled to report back to city council in March.
The already supportive city council will likely be even more supportive of the streetcar project after Councilman Cranely's resignation and the appointment of pro-streetcar democrat Greg Harris who will be filling his seat. Cranely was one of two council members not fully supportive of the streetcar plan. Harris has been quoted to be very supportive of the streetcars and sees the project as vital for moving Cincinnati ahead into the 21st century. As long as streetcar advocates are able to successfully fight off the recent NAACP's ridiculous opposition to this progressive project, it looks as if the streetcars are well underway to becoming a reality in Cincinnati.
Read more here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cincy Streetcar Blog

Check out the new Cincy Streetcar Blog!!
This is a great new site created by the folks at CincyStreetcar.com as an outlet for sharing news, updates, and facts about the new Cincinnati Streetcar System. Already they have some great stuff up there and I'm sure it will continue to grow as the year goes on.
With all the opposition the streetcar plan has recently been faced with, this site and all the blogs that support it will be instrumental in keeping the public informed and showing the city's leadership that the citizens of Cincinnati really want the Streetcar plan to succeed.
Show your support by regularly visiting the Cincy Streetcar Blog and sharing it with everyone you know. The more we educate people on the benefits of a modern rail transit system for Cincinnati, the greater our chances of making it a reality.

Must See Streetcar Report