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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nein on Nine Party Tonight! Grammers!

What: Nein on Nine: PROJECTMILL has put together a No on Nine rally tonight at Grammer's that promises to be a great time. The purpose is to inform people of the dangers of Issue 9 and encourage everyone to go out and vote NO On 9! Several city council members/candidates are expected to be there to answer questions and we'll have lots of materials to give out from Cincinnatian's For Progress to show your support for the No on 9 campaign.
Also, the event will be followed by an "Octoberfest in October" dance party to be DJ'd by PROJECTMILL. Remember, these are the same guys that put on DANCE_MF in Northside Tavern, so you know you can expect an awesome time!

Where: Grammer's, 1440 Walnut St
When: Tonight Oct. 24, 8pm-10pm with after party starting at 10pm

Be There and Remember to Vote NO ON 9!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Streetcar Promotion Video

Here's a link to a very nice new streetcar video produced by the city to help people understand what the streetcar investment is all about.
Enjoy! And remember No on 9!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Issue 9 Video: Channel 12 Newsmakers

Please watch this video. Tom Luken and Roxanne Qualls answer questions about Issue 9 on Channel 12 newsmakers.
Tom Luken is introduced as the "spokesperson for Issue 9." Let me just say that if HE is the spokesperson for Issue 9 then we have nothing to worry about. What I mean is, that he does a HORRIBLE job answering questions, in fact, he doesn't even answer the questions he is asked directly. When he does attempt to answer these very fair questions it is very clear that he has no valid argument for Issue 9 whatsoever and jumps immediately to a defensive, almost combative stance.
On the other hand, Roxanne Qualls does a very nice job of explaining her support for the streetcar project and clearly explains the danger of Issue 9 and why she does not support it. She gives very valid, clear and concise arguments that are obviously well informed and you can immediately tell that she has really put the time in to research the subject and give us a solid picture of what Issue 9 is all about.
If Issue 9 was written by people like Tom Luken and you watch this video, you can easily see that they do not have the well being of Cincinnati in mind at all. Not only that, but you start to get the sense that they really have no valid argument for Issue 9 at all. That explains why they immediately revert to being argumentative and quite unwillingly to participate in civil debate. Why? Because they know if they answer questions directly they will expose the ignorance and irresponsibility in proposing an amendment to our charter such as Issue 9.

Here are the links to the videos, they actually had to extend the length of the program because nothing was accomplished in part 1, mostly because of Tom Luken's inability to clearly answer questions:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Must Register to Vote by Monday Last Day

If you want to register to vote in the fall election and help defeat issue 9, you must register by the end of the day Monday Oct. 5th!! Tell all of your friends and family to get their voter registration cards in immediately. They have to be post marked by Monday or you won't be able to vote.

If you don't know if you're registered or not, you can call the board of elections and find out at: 513-632-7000

Visit this website to download registration forms: http://www.hamilton-co.org/BOE/

This Link tells you exactly how to register to vote: http://www.hamilton-co.org/BOE/howtoreg.asp

Don't Delay! This is one of the most important elections in Cincinnati's history and WILL affect the future of this city in a very big way!

Register Today and Vote No on Issue 9!

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