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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Charter Amendment would impede economic growth

Today the proponents of an anti-progress charter amendment made a series of disingenuous announcements on their petition gathering effort. The group, composed of the same old naysayers who constantly bash Cincinnati and try to impose their special interests on the rest of the City, has attempted to portray the charter amendment as a referendum on the streetcar proposal. This anti-progress charter amendment is about much more than a streetcar. It is so poorly and broadly drafted that it prohibits any improvement or investment in passenger rail in Cincinnati without an expensive and time consuming public referendum—including delays and stoppages to the proposed 3C rail in Ohio, the Eastern Corridor and the high speed inter-city rail being proposed by The President. It creates a significant barrier to progress that will handcuff our City government, send jobs and economic development to other cities and stifle transportation alternatives.

The anti-progress Charter Amendment is another dangerous amendment to the city’s charter, the city’s Constitution, and will eventually lead to proposition style government, which has failed miserably in California. For more information, contact Joe Sprengard at 513-309-5947 or Bobby Maly at 513-260-3463 or Robert Richardson 513-569-8393.
For more information on the Cincinnatians for Progress plan to keep our city moving in the right direction, please visit www.cincinnatiansforprogress.com.


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

why are soo many against the sreet car? If they really want this city to be competitive...they will just let us have it.

Randy Simes said...

"Anti-Progress Amendment"

Nice work.

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