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Friday, February 29, 2008

More postcard images

Here is another couple of views of Cincinnati as seen on postcards. This time the images come from a souvenir folder of the Southern Railways dating from 1911-1913. Very nice image of downtown at Fountain Square. Enjoy!

***Update on this post*** These postcards are from a souvenir folder set I picked up in Detroit, that is now being featured on Cincinnati Views, a website dedicated to sharing thousands of postcards of Cincinnati.

Ensemble theatre is expanding

Enquirer Article

I found this article interesting because of what its says their motivations are for the renovation: "Theatergoers will Ensemble fans with find new, larger seats in the 190-seat theater. That’s the biggest reason to change the (theater) house, says Meyers. To make it more comfortable."

To make it more comfortable or to allow for more room for big, fat, suburban booties? This is becoming an increasingly common trend. Movie theaters, doctor's office chairs, hospital beds, and stadium seats are all being made oversize to accommodate the largest among us. There's a good reason why seats made in the earlier part of the 20th century were smaller...because people weren't so fat back then! People actually had to walk places like the market, the streetcar stops, to work, etc. Now a days americans are so lazy and dependent on cars they have to have drive through pharmacy's!

First Phase of The Banks Approved

Enquirer Article on The Banks

It looks like April 2nd will be the ground breaking on this $74 million dollar project.
Carter & Associates Commercial Services LLC and the Harold A. Dawson Co. are the developers to be working on this project. With this project underway perhaps the streetcar proposal will gain more support?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cincinnati Streetcars

This is what the streetcars used to look like. Pictured is one of the Zoo-Glendale Cars.

This photo shows Vine Street looking north from 5th st. I like this photo because it shows how prominent streetcars used to be in Cincinnati. Year, 1907

New bar opens in OTR - Grammer's

Check it out here
Also check out a video of the bar here

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Historic Postcards from Cincinnati added to photo gallery

Check out the photo links for a link to my gallery of postcards from Cincinnati mostly from the 1930s and 40s!
Also, check out this AMAZING website of thousands of Historic Cincinnati Postcards: Cincinnati Views

Bockfest 2008!!

Bockfest 2008 info here: http://www.bockfest.com/

OTR Brewery District to Host Brewery Tour March 8,9!!

Prohibition Resistance Tour 2008
This sounds like its going to be a very exciting event! They are going to be taking people around to various old breweries and beer caverns around the city! Bring your cameras and spotlights!!!
Its Happening March 8,9th
Description of Tour
Info on tickets and times available here

Building Cincinnati: Google mashup identifies Cincinnati's public steps

Building Cincinnati: Google mashup identifies Cincinnati's public steps

Building Cincinnati: EXTRA: Cincinnati Beer Company's Elm Street buildings

Building Cincinnati: EXTRA: Cincinnati Beer Company's Elm Street buildings

12th Street in 1929

Here is an awesome picture of W. 12th St. looking east from Race St. towards Vine.

There are a couple of important elements to point out.
First, notice that this picture shows that there used to be an Indian Motorcycle Dealership in OTR! Also, the building that is now called Duncanson Lofts is visible. It can be seen on the left side of the street. It is the building with the large bay windows. Also, the building that is now part of the Bremen Lofts is present too! It is also on the left side of the street and has the large decorative cornerstones.
The street that is directly next to that building is Republic Street. This is where the other portion of Bremen Lofts is located and that's where I'll be living this summer!
The other great thing about this photo is it shows that the old streetcar lines used to pass right down 12th St. This is the same pathway the new streetcars will travel!

Must See Streetcar Report