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Monday, April 19, 2010

Live from City Council Finance Committee Meeting

Waiting for meeting to start. Lots of supporters here. Some anti-streetcar celebrities such as Tom Luken. Shouldn't be hard to deal with him, we've got John Schneider here.

Monzel is introducing a motion to suspend all spending on the streetcar. Alot of BS. Just called it a "trolley folly". Ghiz is speaking in support of the motion. More BS

Bortz is speaking and really sounding good in support of the streetcar. Lots of applause.

Winburn, showed up late. Said he was against the streetcar, but that he would "listen" to the arguments. Monzel speaking again. More BS. No valid pts at all. Poor Tom Luken was the only one that clapped for

Qualls speaking, excellent points about job creation, subsidies for highways... Lots of applause again. Bortz up again.
Cecil Thomas speaking, generally in support of the project. Lots of
positive words about OTRs potential. Wants to see investment in the streetcar now.

Monzel's motion defeated. On to item 18. Speakers from the crowd are up. Excellent commentary so far.

Still listening to commentary. Not a single word against it yet, though Tom luken is up next.

vote coming..quinlavin speaking. All council members giving final speeches

We may be getting a vote on Bonds today also!

Issue 18 passed 6:2:abstained (winburn)

no voting on the
bond issues today

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