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Friday, January 15, 2010

See, what have I been saying all along!?

The Enquirer ran this article yesterday that is pretty much in line with what this blog has been trying to advocate for quite some time now. Over the Rhine should be preserved and treasured as our city's most valuable neighborhood. The history, architecture and urban landscape here is truly unique to Cincinnati and can not be found on such a large scale anywhere else in the country.
I'm glad to see the Enquirer and its writers are starting to see the importance of their role in changing the ill informed perceptions many Cincinnatians have about the neighborhood. With their help all of the redevelopment going on in the neighborhood can become that much better with positive media attention. Most of the new living units being created in the neighborhood are selling out quickly, even those on streets previously thought to be "too dangerous" to attract new residents. That shows we're not wasting our time or money saving historic buildings, there is a demand and that demand will continue to increase in the future.


Julie said...

I was so happy to see that article! One of my friends at the Enquirer, when I bought my condo, informed me that she used to go to that corner as a crime writer, as that's where all of her best informants hung out. What a change!

christina b said...

I have lived everywhere from 4th street to Hyde Park and then back to OTR. I love it. Living on 4th was probably more dangerous because I was childless and living across from the mall! Hyde park was really nice however often a little too nice at times for me. In OTR, everyone is really nice, not pretentious and I feel perfectly safe.

There are some things about OTR that I do not like and that we may move because of though. The big one is not the area's problem. We are growing out of our small condo and need a garage and yard for our young son.

What could be further worked on are certain "residents" in the area that have actually allowed feelings of prejudges creep in. My best friend back home that I would die for is black and amazing. Hard working, takes really good care for her children and married to someone who loves her kids and cares for them too. She didn't settle just to get married. Why do these people have to walk around cursing for no good reason, screaming at their babies to shut the 'f' up, pants down to their knees, smoking a joint at a kid's park, adults begging for money. I have just had 5 surgeries in 4 years and have two auto immune diseases and yet I work whenever I can, so what's their problem? I think there has to be more to this that what appears to be the issue. What if one of the really large building where the residents were responsible for upkeep and cleaning. No drinking or drugs allowed. No fighting. I'll stop there. Perhaps even classes in the building to help with life outside of it. There are plenty of nice buildings and no reason that everyone can't enjoy it there. I would simply like to be able to walk down the street without hearing the foul ebonics and seeing strangers underwear when I know that is not how they have to act. It's not even solely a particular ethnic group so the feelings of prejudice that much more difficult. I was very pleased to see on the news this AM that there has been no crime for two months.? I hope this is correct and will continue to pray for these people and say hi to each and everyone hoping to brighten their day.

Get rid of the derelicts and the people will come.

Hopefully if I have offended you then you will have even more determination to try and make a change. Let me know what you think so that I can help too.

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