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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nein on Nine Party Tonight! Grammers!

What: Nein on Nine: PROJECTMILL has put together a No on Nine rally tonight at Grammer's that promises to be a great time. The purpose is to inform people of the dangers of Issue 9 and encourage everyone to go out and vote NO On 9! Several city council members/candidates are expected to be there to answer questions and we'll have lots of materials to give out from Cincinnatian's For Progress to show your support for the No on 9 campaign.
Also, the event will be followed by an "Octoberfest in October" dance party to be DJ'd by PROJECTMILL. Remember, these are the same guys that put on DANCE_MF in Northside Tavern, so you know you can expect an awesome time!

Where: Grammer's, 1440 Walnut St
When: Tonight Oct. 24, 8pm-10pm with after party starting at 10pm

Be There and Remember to Vote NO ON 9!!

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