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Sunday, September 20, 2009

3C Corridor Passenger Rail Plan: Location of Cincinnati Station

Of the two options being discussed as possible locations for the train station needed to start up passenger rail service between the 3C corridor, I'm not sure which one I favor.

Though I love The Union Terminal and I feel it would be amazing to actually see that station being used for what it was intended, I'm just not convinced it would be the best spot for train service now. Its kind of far away from Downtown, not very easily accessible by anything except automobiles and is located in a completely industrialized part of town where no one lives. I fear it wouldn't get used as much simply because of its inconvenient location.
The downtown location to me makes more sense. Its in a central location within walking distance to the city where all of the areas hotels, restaurants and entertainment is located. It would be easy to get to by the Streetcar system, buses, there's plenty of parking garages around downtown. The banks will be very close by, the new transit center underneath the stadium is right there and would make sense in the long run to make some use of that, with either streetcars, light rail or the 3C trains.

But, I wanted to get everyone else's opinions on this. I haven't heard all sides of the argument yet, so maybe my mind can be changed based on what I hear.


willyokel said...

while i'm not convinced with the union terminal senario, this building-cincinnati article is a good place to start with some of the complication of it running along the riverfront: http://www.building-cincinnati.com/2009/08/caution-communication-needed-in-3c.html

Marshall said...

It needs to at least start with Union Terminal because it will be the best way to get 3C rail going for the least amount of money. Parking is already available, and bus routes can be expanded. IF 3C is a stunning success a new station can be added.

Jason said...

What about something new in the Broadway Commons area? It IS downtown. The Greyhound station and I-71 are right there already. http://bit.ly/2J3LRX

Jason said...

Broadway Commons would be nice too. I don't think its plausible though for the start up phase because that would require adding new rails. The other two options already have rails in place, which is why the quick start up service will be quick to start up.

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