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Friday, September 26, 2008

More Renovated Properties on the way

I have been watching construction crews begin work on renovating a few various properties around Repbulic and Vine streets for the last couple of months. They are finally starting to make some real progress so I thought I would share some pics.
The first two buildings are on the corner of 13 & Republic. I'm really excited that these buildings are being saved. They were completely abandoned earlier this summer and now there are crews breathing new life into them again. It looks like they are doing a great job and I'm sure the properties inside are going to be top notch. There's even a preview of their future color schemes too!

Right around the corner from the above two buildings there is another project well under way that looks like its going to turn our very nice. This building is on the corner of 13 & Vine, right across from the new Trideca Lofts. This buildings exterior architectural features are outstanding. I'm so glad that this building has also been saved and is being renovated. It certainly deserves to shine again.
Here are some pics of the progress so far:

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New things are on the horizon.

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