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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brewery District Events this weekend

This weekend is a big weekend for the OTR Brewery District.

-First, they will be holding the Prohibition Resistance Tour which was rescheduled due to weather from back in March.

-The unveiling of a new Ohio Historical Marker that honors Cincinnati’s brewing history is scheduled for friday at 3pm.

-Shortly after, the Clyffside Development Company and Comey & Shepard will hold the groundbreaking for “The Clyffside”, which is a new condo development project in Over-the-Rhine’s Brewery District.

-Finally, the Brewery District is reopening the doors of the Moerlein OTR Ale Haus from Saturday, April 12th through Sunday the 13th, 2008. New beers will be unveiled along with old favorites being served. Information can be found HERE.

This should be an exciting weekend. I'll be posting pictures of the Prohibition resistance tour next week along with any other shots I get over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason - any update on the streetcar? I've been looking for info and haven't found any. Thanks!

Jason said...

No actually. I've received replies back from council members that said they are still working on "the language necessary for moving forward with the project." So, it looks like they are still not done with whatever it is they are working on. However, everyone of them that has replied has assured me that the streetcars will happen. Its just a matter of time. Hopefully not much longer. As soon as I hear anything I'll be posting immediately.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Jason!

Just stumbled upon your blog
while surfin' the web...

Nice job!

Can't ever read enough re:
Cincy's best nabe - OTR!

U should add Tucker's
to your list of OTR places to eat


Chris S said...

Hey Jason, stop by and say Hi at OTR Ale Haus. The streetcar exhibits will be there, and I'll be answering folks questions (and drinking beer) for a bit there :)

Jason said...

Thanks for the suggestions anonymous! I'll check them out and see about adding them.
Thanks Chris S, I'll definitely be stopping in the Ale Haus on Sunday during the prohibition resistance tour. I'll be with a group of people probably around 2:30-3:00pm. Can't wait to check the place out and have a drink! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Tuckers on Vine BTW, not the one on 13th, it's a hole. Also I could not get tickets to the tour, when is the next?

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