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Sunday, March 15, 2009

MTV in Over the Rhine Confirmed: Taking The Stage

About one year ago I posted about a the possibility that MTV would be doing a reality TV series in Over the Rhine based on the SCPA. (MTV in OTR) They were filming pilots at the time, but had not confirmed whether or not the show would actually be produced. Well, apparently now it is! The new show is called "Taking the Stage" and it is scheduled to start airing on MTV March 19. Here's a link to the show's homepage: Taking the Stage

This is great news for Cincinnati and the SCPA. I'm sure all the national and even worldwide attention the show will bring will help boost Cincinnati's reputation in a positive way. MTV has already pointed out on their website that the SCPA has churned out all sorts of very successful students including Sarah Jessica Parker, Nick Lachey, actor Rocky Carroll and director Todd Luiso.


Anonymous said...

I think this is great and all, but umm, did you watch the trailer? One kids talks about how they "don't want to live in Ohio" their whole life, and another proclaims: "...this could be what gets us OUT of Cincinnati"

Quim said...

I caught that - not a real good selling point

Jason said...

Hmm, no I didn't catch that. Oh well.

Quim said...

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think it might work. There are a lot of people that are dreaming about making it in New York & L.A. & really don't even think about Cincinnati. Just the notion of wanting to get out of your hometown (wherever) might resonate with a lot of people.

Jason said...

I read that the school began receiving hundreds of phone calls and emails from interested students and parents the first day that word of this show hit MTV. I also think that all the beautiful shots of the Cincinnati skyline and OTR buildings are going to give our city a very positive image.
Additionally, with the new school being built and people learning about how awesome the students at SCPA are, the school is going to likely see a huge increase in the number of interested students and parents.
That alone will help OTR immensely IMO. Just imagine all the new residents Cincinnati could pick up just because of that show and the school.

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