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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seattle Streetcar Video: This is what the streetcars can do for Cincinnati!!

This video does a nice job showing what a simple streetcar route can bring to a city in a very short period of time.
-1/2 Million riders in its 1st year of operation!
-Grocery Stores downtown (the first in decades), Residential units and businesses springing up all along the route.
-Light Rail System quickly approved and being built.

All of these things and more can happen in Cincinnati once we build the streetcar system.
In my opinion, Cincinnati will have an even greater response to the streetcars given its compact neighborhoods and vibrant historic district. I really believe Over the Rhine will explode with new development, new businesses and thousands of new residents in no time.

This video also does a nice job showing how a modern day streetcar system operates and what it looks like in operation.


Randy Simes said...

This is great, thanks for pointing it out. I've written some thoughts of mine on the topic here:


Anonymous said...

streetcar to hell...
why would anyone in their right mind want to ride a streetcar filled with what you currently find on the streets of otr???
$185 million spent on 5000 residents, most of who don't even pay taxes!
that's $37,000 for each otr resident
give me a break!!!

Randy Simes said...

^All of those numbers you just posted are completely inaccurate. In addition to that I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say about the current residents, business owners and visitors of Over-the-Rhine with your statement.

If you go and experience the residents, business owners and visitors of OTR for yourself you'll realize that they're great people and don't live up to the nonsense spewed out by the likes of 700 WLW and others who never step foot in the neighborhood.

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