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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MTV reality show may be coming to Over The Rhine

MTV is currently working with Nick Lachey on a new reality show about Cincinnati's SCPA. According to MTV producers the show would "focus on students' academic and artistic pursuits" while filming them at the school and in the surrounding neighborhoods.
In my opinion this could be huge for SCPA, Cincinnati, and Over the Rhine. Just imagine how many people would get to see first hand how amazing that school really is and what a wonderfully unique neighborhood its in. I'm pretty excited about this mostly for what it would mean to the SCPA and Over the Rhine.
They've already shot pilot footage back in January and should have a decision in the upcoming months!


mvoss said...

OMG this would be awesome! I hope it airs!

Dana Marie said...

please please please work really hard to be in background shots, but do not get arrested for lingering around school grounds too much

krista said...


mvoss said...

you think it would be creepy if Jason was lingering around every corner 24/7???

Beyond Ballet said...

Hey I posted the add on youtube.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqvI-hmdhdo (Im in it yeahhh!!!!)

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