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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Washington Park Project: 3CDC and Cincy Public Schools Clash Heads

The enquirer published an article today highlighting the problems that the Washington Park Project is now facing due to disagreements between the CPS district and 3CDC. It sounds to me that CPS district is being absurd in its requests and at the same time 3CDC is not doing its job to keep them happy enough to get the project done. Hopefully the two sides can come to an agreement tomorrow at the meeting they are having on the subject. The Washington Park project is a very important part of the overall revitalization efforts in Over the Rhine and it would be incredibly detrimental to the whole project if it didn't materialize.
Enquirer's Article

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mvoss said...

How can CPS stand in the way of development that would allow for more opportunities for students, teachers, and parents?! What's good for the community is good for schools. If there is a specific reason to oppose this then CPS needs to be very clear and say it. Are they really considering re-building on the site of a recently demolished school? If so then that's just one more example of poor foresight and disregard for existing assets.

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