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Monday, March 3, 2008

Local Music: The Tillers

This will be the first of hopefully many local bands I will be showcasing here. Allow me to introduce The Tillers, a trio of musicians based in Cincinnati that have been "serving a concoction of old-time traditionals, labor standards, and some less typical songs of the people's perspective" for about a year now.
They are a very talented group of guys and are gaining much deserved recognition for their efforts. This week they are in New York City playing at The Parkside Lounge and Banjo Jim's. But, you don't have to drive to NYC to see these guys play. They are regular performers at many local Cincinnati venues including The Northside Tavern, The Crow's Nest, the Comet, and the Southgate House. If you like the sound of banjo's, guitars, upright bass, and even harmonicas then you definitely need to check them out.
The Tillers are: Mike Oberst: Vocals, harmonic, banjo, guitar. Sean Mountain: Vocals, guitar, banjo. Jason Soudrette: Upright Bass
Check out their websites below for samples of their sounds.
Chestnut Tree Records


mvoss said...

The Tillers are amazing. Break'in the hearts of good ole boys all over Delhi!

Jimmy_James said...

I think I saw these guys at The Northside Tavern a few Sundays ago. If it was them, they were pretty great!

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