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Monday, March 3, 2008

Channel 5 News says postive things about OTR

Wow, this is certainly a huge step towards a more positive image for OTR. Channel 5 is planning on talking positively about OTR tonight at 5pm. For all of those people in our city that actually believe everything they hear on the news this could really start planting the seed for a more positive outlook for the neighborhood. Lets hope these sort of stories become more numerous.

I really enjoyed listening to what one of people on the videos had to say. He said that he really wants to see it be a mixed income neighborhood and maintain its cultural diversity while at the same time making sure that everybody shows love for one another because we're all just human. I don't think anyone could have summarized it better. Thats exactly what Over the Rhine needs, people who are willing to accept and embrace diversity and show other people around the city that this neighborhood can be a really wonderful place to live.
I'm very excited and glad that Channel 5 made the effort to help the neighborhood by airing those videos. People need to see that OTR is changing!


Dana Marie said...

is kaldi's open again?

Jason said...

Yep, its been back open for awhile now. We had lunch there the last time we were in town.

krista said...

this blog is action packed jason. is it like your second job or something?!

mvoss said...

Krista Duh! What's a guy to do without a salt water fish tank?..... blog of course

Dana Marie said...

oh i'm so excited! i miss kaldi's!!!!
almost as bad as jason misses his salt water fish!!!

krista said...

let's go for coffee!

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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