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Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Link - Stuff White People Like

Well, I have to give the creator of this blog, Stuff White People Like, a lot of credit.
His list of 78+ things that "white people like" is hilarious, perhaps a little racist, but undeniably true. However, I think it would have been better to call his blog "stuff yuppies like." The reason I say this is because white people aren't the only ones who could fit into his descriptions. In general, any middle to upper-middle class, college educated, white collar worker type person could actually count as a "white person" by his description. Thats who we call yuppies.
A couple of my favorites: #41 Indie Music (this is probably the best one by far!), #29 Eighties Night, #26 Manhattan.
Regardless his site is quite entertaining and its even more interesting to see the responses he gets on each post. In just 2 short months he's managed to have over 6.2 Million hits!! Thats absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

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