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Monday, April 28, 2008

We need to fight for the streetcars!!

As expected, there are already efforts being made by opponents to the streetcar system to block our city from getting any state funding for the project. As highlighted in THIS ARTICLE, our "wonderful" republican lawmakers are trying to stomp out this project as any good conservatively minded politician would. Its time to step up to the plate and fight for the future of our city. It is absolutely critical that we not let this project slip through the cracks and be stomped out by unjustified opposition from people who have no interest in the future of our city. If we just sit back and let them make such ignorant statments ["It has zero support at present" (Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz)] then we could lose the whole project before we even realize it.
My first suggestion is that we start by writing our Congressmen and demanding support for our system. Our city is asking for very little when you compare it to how much is spent annually on other forms of transportation such as highways. They want to make it seem like there is no support for the system. WE NEED TO SHOW THEM THAT THEY ARE WRONG! Please send emails, letters, and even make phone calls on a daily basis if you want to see this project happen. These politicians are capable of putting up a good fight, but we can easily out number them if we truly try. We have to move fast! Don't let them stomp us out before we even have a say!
Here is all the contact information you need:
Info on how to contact them: HERE and HERE
Example of how to address your letters:
The Honorable ___________
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6111
Rep. Michelle Schneider
Sen. Bill Seitz
The rest of your Senators
The rest of your Representatives
Please write me or respond in the comments section with any other suggestions for how we can organize and make a difference.

***Another thing I wanted to add is that I seem to notice a lot of confusion as to what exactly is meant by the term "Streetcar." It seems as if many people assume we're talking about tiny, little "trolley's" like you would see on Mr. Roger's. This is not what the streetcars will be like at all! They will essentially look like small subway trains, exactly like the ones seen in Portland, OR and throughout Europe. CLICK HERE to watch a video of what a modern day streetcar system looks like in operation. This is what Cincinnati is planning on bringing to our town!


Anonymous said...

is there anyway you could put together a letter that we could use as an example?


mvoss said...

Below is the letter I emailed to every single state congressperson. Inundation is my game plan. You will also find at the very bottom of this post all of the email addresses for both representatives and senators for the entire state.

The Honorable Rep. Michelle Schneider
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6111

Representative Michelle Schneider:

I write to express my extreme disappointment in your attempt to exclude state funding from the Cincinnati downtown streetcar loop. While I respect your desire to focus spending on needed projects your decision in my opinion is shortsighted and misdirected. Streetcars are widely supported among downtown residents and the greater metro area. Streetcars are important to me and everyone I know.

I am a recent college graduate who has lived throughout the Midwest (Indiana, Missouri, and Michigan). My husband and I decided to return to our hometown of Cincinnati because of the great things happening downtown. We have purchased a home in Over-the-Rhine because we believe in the promise this community holds. We are not alone. I have friends throughout the country and overseas excited about what Cincinnati is doing. I share all of the wonderful developments our city has supported and they notice and tell others. By writing off this project you write off the hopes and dreams of young people looking to settle or stay in Cincinnati. We are in the position to finally make a difference and I am hurt by your choice to snub the Council's efforts by claiming misuse of funds.

Living outside of Detroit my husband and I have seen first hand the regional blight that occurs from a rotting urban core. With the rising cost of gas and the constant assault on open space by subdivisions our city is poised to make a serious comeback. This is not without great challenges. You are well aware of the reputation downtown and Over-the-Rhine has suffered from. The community needs your buy-in. Streetcars are just the stimulus we need. Can you imagine our great city returning to a place where people live, work, and play? I certainly can! However this dream is hard to imagine without streetcars. Streetcars ensure the development of businesses in a concentrated area; dependable public transportation; increased public safety; the ability to support a huge urban population; reduced dependence of costly and polluting fuel; the list goes on and on.

I, and a group of concerned constituents, would like to meet with you to discuss this further. We realize your responsibilities are great but hope that you might find the time to address this very important issue. Please contact me by...


Melinda Voss

Ohio State Senators:
SD22@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd10@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; senatorboccieri@maild.sen.state.oh.us; SD01@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; senatorcafaro@maild.sen.state.oh.us; sd17@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; SD04@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; kcoughli@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; SD12@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; fedoroffice@maild.sen.state.oh.us; dgoodman@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; SD18@mailr.sen.state.oh.us;
SD19@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; jjacobso@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; Senatorkearney@maild.sen.state.oh.us; senatormason@maild.sen.state.oh.us; SD23@maild.sen.state.oh.us; rmiller@maild.sen.state.oh.us; senatormorano@maild.sen.state.oh.us; SD26@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd14@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd20@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; troberts@maild.sen.state.oh.us; senatorsawyer@maild.sen.state.oh.us; SD31@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; SD07@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; SD29@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd08@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; senatorsmith@maild.sen.state.oh.us; rspada@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd16@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; sd02@mailr.sen.state.oh.us; senatorwilson@maild.sen.state.oh.us

Ohio House of Representatives:
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