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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Streetcars Need Your Help

This Monday April 7, 2008 is the next date for the City Council to vote to move ahead with the Streetcar project. As reported on March 25, council members decided they needed two more weeks to gather their thoughts and finalize their decisions on the Streetcar project. Monday is that 2 week date and it could potentially be the last step needed to make the streetcars a reality for Cincinnati. Please take the time this weekend to send the council members your thoughts and urge them to move forward with the streetcars. It is absolutely imperative that they stop delaying this any longer and vote to move forward now. If you let them know that you are tired of delays and you want to see action it can really make a difference. I've made emailing them easy for everyone. The council members' email addresses are listed below. Simply copy and paste them into your email. Monday morning their email boxes will be full of support for the streetcars and they will go into the meeting remembering that! Thanks for your help, you will be helping to make a difference in Cincinnati!



krista said...

i just sent them an email. hahaha. :)

krista said...

Thank you very much for providing your comments in support of the streetcar. As you indicated I am a supporter of the streetcar. Presently Council is in the process of working through many serious issues regarding the financing plan and the initial scope of the route. As we continue our discussions I will certainly keep your support in mind.

looks like we got one supporter! (that's from david crowley)

Anonymous said...
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