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Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Stores to Open in Over the Rhine: "Outside" and Rookwood Pottery!

"Outside" will be the newest addition to the Gateway Quarter's line up of retail stores in Over the Rhine. The store will carry a collection of unique and hard to find outdoor decor. The owner reports that he is not only targeting Urban dwellers, but also people from outside the city. I hope this store does become a regional destination as he suspects because it will really help draw more and more positive attention to the Over the Rhine neighborhood. Its also interesting to note that the owner originally had plans to open in Covington until he found out about all the great stuff going on in Over the Rhine. This is great news for Cincinnati. We are now able to attract new businesses that in years past wouldn't have even considered Cincinnati. Welcome to the neighborhood!
Enquirer Article: Outside

Also, another very exciting announcement: The Rookwood Pottery Co. is moving its central headquarters to a building near Findlay Market! It plans on moving as early as July of this year. Apparently they have been searching for a new place for the last couple of years. Luckily with the streetcars coming and the buildings proximity to findlay market, the owners saw a very smart opportunity to move to a great location with lots of potential for growth. Again this is great news for Over the Rhine and the City of Cincinnati. This is absolute proof that a streetcar line is a very worthwhile investment. We already have businesses moving to the area for the streetcars and the streetcars aren't even in yet!
Enquirer Article: Rookwood


Alexandra said...

hi Jason -- would love to get in touch with you about new stores in Over the Rhine. Please email me: alexandra_willinger@condenast.com -- i work for a NYC-based fashion magazine

mvoss said...

this is such great news. it's all about OTR!

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