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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back to the Subject at Hand

With Issue 9 finally behind us and the prospect of a much brighter future for Over the Rhine and the rest of Cincinnati, I can finally get back to focusing on the original intent of this blog which is the history and current progression of Over the Rhine and the surrounding downtown and uptown neighborhoods. I'm going to start with pointing out this somewhat rare color photograph from a postcard I found at an antique mall depicting Central Parkway looking east. In the picture you can clearly see the YMCA building which is still standing on the corner of Central and Elm. In the distance is the American Building, still standing today. You can also see one of the more modern Cincinnati streetcars traveling north on Elm towards Music Hall. Because of that streetcar I'm guessing this photo was taken sometime in the early 1950s. Maybe late 1940s, but I'm not sure when that style streetcar was first built. You can see a lot of late 1940s cars in the picture, so it can't be much later than that.
Here's a picture of that same stretch of road today, unfortunately I couldn't get a birds eye view, but it still gives you a good idea of how things look now.


CityKin said...

That is a great postcard. You can barely see a school right beyond the YMCA, wher ironically we are now seeing a new SCPA being built.

BTW, why don't we have the park in the middle of Central Parkway anymore????

Jason said...

I was wondering the same thing the first time I saw that. And to think it could have also had a functioning subway station there too!

Anonymous said...
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Kareem said...

Its a shame that we tore down those great buildings to make way for parking lots. That progress for you I guess.

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