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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I can't believe my ears!

John Schneider on 700WLW right now and Scott Sloan is talking about the streetcar and saying the most positive things I've ever heard anyone on our local media say about this project. He said "Not only am I getting warmed up to the streetcar now, but I'm getting all hot and bothered with it!" He's saying that with the casino going in, the banks being completed and all the other great assets we have downtown that he really believes its time to "tie them all together" and that "we'd be foolish not to." This is 700WLW speaking!

I really think I've died and gone to heaven! Could our city really be turning around and seeing the potential we have that quickly!? Yes for rail transit and thank you 700WLW for being the first media outlet to speak so highly of this project! You've hit the nail right on the head!

I am truly excited for our future and I think we're heading in exactly the direction we need to go!


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Great to hear!

CAAST said...

Great to see 700 WLW coming around like this. I've been fans of WIllie and Sloanie for years and it seems they're finally taking the city's side for once.

CityKin said...

OK if Winburn starts supporting the streetcar I'll know that this is actually some kind of mind-game.

Cincinnatian4Progress said...

This is good news, everyone! Thanks for your hard work on 'No on 9.' If you're haven't already, will be please ask ALL your FB to join Cincinnatians for Progress? We need to get to 3000 friends! Building our base of support is the only way to build upon our momentum.

Thanks, and congrats everybody.

Joe Sprengard

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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