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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Streetcar Update: We made the NY Times!

Have you been wondering lately "What's happening with the streetcars?" Well, I have and so I've been in contact with City Manager Milton Dohoney asking about the progress being made on the project. He was kind enough to respond to my questions today and had a couple of interesting bits of information to share with me.
First, he pointed out this article in the New York Times today featuring Cincinnati's plans for bringing streetcars back: Check it out here.

Second, he informed me that starting this Monday he will be hosting a series of weekly breakfasts to solicit financial support from various private sources including law firms, engineering firms, advertising firms and so on. He has assured me that "We will work until we realize success."

This is all great news for our city. I was so happy to see our city getting such positive attention from such a big national news source.

Also: Check out this cool slide show of streetcars from the same article above.

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