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Friday, August 8, 2008

New Coffee Shop

I just had the opportunity to check out the brand new tazza mia coffee shop downtown. I must say it is a very well done store and they make excellent coffee and espresso. Its located inside the Carew Tower with street access from Vine (on the corner of 5th) and from inside Carew Tower. The storefront they chose used to be a jewelry store not too long ago and has a very cool loft above it for enjoying your drink, reading, studying or whatever else. Apparently they make the freshest coffee available in the city because they actually buy non-roasted beans and do the roasting themselves off site and ship the beans to the downtown store.
I think they picked an excellent location given its close proximity to Fountain Square. Plus, they are inside one of Cincinnati's most beautiful pieces of architecture. Now I have an excuse to go check out the stunning art deco lobby of the Carew Tower on a regular basis!
Welcome to the city Tazza Mia!


CityKin said...

Can't wait to try it.

VisuaLingual said...

Coffee Emporium also roast their own coffee, in a space next to their coffeeshop on Central Parkway.

I checked out Tazza Mia the other day and was sorely disappointed by my coffee! I've been hearing good things about this place, so I'm willing to give it another shot, but I was completely unimpressed.

Jason said...

Too bad you weren't happy with your coffee. I'm not too picky about coffee to be honest with you, but I thought it was great. I typically only get soy mochas though?
Regardless, I'm just glad to see more businesses migrating downtown adding more options for residents and visitors.

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