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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urban Revitalization

I'd like to direct everyone's attention over to "Victorian Antiquities and Design." The owner of this blog has written a series of articles on the effects of de-urbanization in historic neighborhoods and possible solutions to this ever growing problem, especially here in Cincinnati. I think its a great series of posts. If we could get more people in Over the Rhine to get excited about revitalizing the area, the sort of solutions highlighted in his articles could really take hold.

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Paul Wilham said...

Thanks Jason for your comment and support. There is alot that can be accomplished in Cincinnati, it is going to take a fresh approach and to realize that "new" is not always better. OTR and other downtown neighborhoods have an asset that most cities would die for, its architecture. The potential for Cincinnati to be a Charleston SC or New Orleans in terms of historic tourism is very reachable. Millions of dollars and new jobs could be created if the city were to activly promote historic tourism , and save as many buildings as possible, not tear them dowm.

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