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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Avril-Bleh Groceries

I've already posted about this store once before, but I wanted now that I've been able to shop there many times I would like to again post info on them. Though small, this store has virtually everything you could possibly need for baking, cooking, or snacking. The best part is that they are willing to order anything you ask for. So, if theres something specific you're looking for just let them know and they'll start carrying it!
I highly recommend that everyone start shopping there for all of or at least part of your grocery needs.
My only complaint is with the hours. Currently they are open from 8-5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday. It would be nice if they stayed open just a little later (7pm) and if they were open on Sundays for at least a few hours.
Regardless, we're very fortunate to have a nice grocery store within walking distance of Over the Rhine. It only takes me 5 minutes to walk there and less than 2 minutes to ride my bike!
***It was brought to my attention today that I forgot to describe the location of the store for those of you who've never been there. Avril-Bleh is located on Court Street between Vine and Walnut. Its on the south side of Court street facing North just before it empties onto Walnut. Thanks Mandy:)***


VisuaLingual said...

I'm glad there's yet another corner market-type option downtown, but this one really doesn't impress me anymore than the options we already had. It's especially annoying that this market and the butcher shop aren't connected. I assume there's a good reason for that, but it's frustrating and illogical for a shopper to walk back and forth to check out the offerings of two different deli counters, or the fact that you can buy cold cuts at the market but not bread or sandwich condiments [and there's a shelf full of bread in the store that's not for sale but used for the sandwiches made in-store]. I think A&B will hopefully figure out its niche and figure out its two-store set-up. For now, I'm just not impressed enough to shop there.

Anonymous said...

The 2-store have to toggle back & forth thing is due to the fact that a pass through between the two distinct buildings is not allowed due to the fire codes. Len Bleh is about the nicest businessman I know & incredibly responsive to what his customers request. All you need to do is sample one of the homemade (truly homemade by his wife & dad) salads or taste the quality of the fresh fruit to grasp that this new store is hands above the other downtown options. I agree that longer hours would be ideal. Still from the viewpoint of a small business, the ghost town atmosphere downtown doesn't seem to warrant paying the salaries & utilities to stay open on Sunday.

5chw4r7z said...

"ghost town atmosphere"

Unfortuantely this isn't very true anymore. Downtown is getting lively, maybe too much, get down and enjoy it before it becomes too crowded.

Len Bleh said...

It is a pain in the butt,not being able to go between the two stores from inside, but this is something we're going to work on this fall. It was recommended to start out like this, then go to the city and ask permission to knock a whole in the wall, for a walk thru. We appreciate the compliments and the business we have, and hope to serve the residences of downtown for a long time.

Yvette said...

I was just saying how I wish these places (Avril Bleh, Findlay Market) would stay open later during the week. I would LOVE to be able to shop there after work instead of having to drive past my house in Westwood to get to a grocery store. The quality of meat and other food that I can get at Avril Bleh or Findlay Mkt. is SO much better than Kroger... but it's not possible to go there during lunch and by the time I get off work, they're all closed. :(

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