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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ensemble theatre is expanding

Enquirer Article

I found this article interesting because of what its says their motivations are for the renovation: "Theatergoers will Ensemble fans with find new, larger seats in the 190-seat theater. That’s the biggest reason to change the (theater) house, says Meyers. To make it more comfortable."

To make it more comfortable or to allow for more room for big, fat, suburban booties? This is becoming an increasingly common trend. Movie theaters, doctor's office chairs, hospital beds, and stadium seats are all being made oversize to accommodate the largest among us. There's a good reason why seats made in the earlier part of the 20th century were smaller...because people weren't so fat back then! People actually had to walk places like the market, the streetcar stops, to work, etc. Now a days americans are so lazy and dependent on cars they have to have drive through pharmacy's!

1 comment:

Dana Marie said...

dear jason,

you are oh so wise. it must be true. people are more fat than they used to be. genius!
also, you should share this with your fattest patients.

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