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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

12th Street in 1929

Here is an awesome picture of W. 12th St. looking east from Race St. towards Vine.

There are a couple of important elements to point out.
First, notice that this picture shows that there used to be an Indian Motorcycle Dealership in OTR! Also, the building that is now called Duncanson Lofts is visible. It can be seen on the left side of the street. It is the building with the large bay windows. Also, the building that is now part of the Bremen Lofts is present too! It is also on the left side of the street and has the large decorative cornerstones.
The street that is directly next to that building is Republic Street. This is where the other portion of Bremen Lofts is located and that's where I'll be living this summer!
The other great thing about this photo is it shows that the old streetcar lines used to pass right down 12th St. This is the same pathway the new streetcars will travel!

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CityKin said...

I think there is a vacant lot with a wooden fence at the former location of that Indian dealership. Neat photo, thanks for posting.

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