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Monday, June 29, 2009


Join Mayor Mallory and 8 of 9 City Council Members Opposing Anti-Progress Amendment

Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnatians for Progress is proud to have received the official endorsements from Mayor Mark Mallory and 16 of 18 endorsed City Council candidates from the Republican, Charter and Democratic parties. Joining 8 of 9 current Council Members endorsing Cincinnatians for Progress and opposing the dangerous Anti-Progress Charter Amendment are Council candidates Tony Fischer, Bernadette Watson, Nicholas Hollan, Laure Quinlivan, Wendell Young, Kevin Flynn, Amy Murray and George Zamary.

"Our city needs jobs, now more than ever." said Wendell Young, a Democrat from North Avondale. "This charter amendment would threaten our economic development opportunities and likely cause our federal tax dollars to be invested in other communities, including President Obama's plan to connect Cincinnati to Chicago and Cleveland via high speed passenger rail."

Mayor Mark Mallory serves as the Honorary Chair of Cincinnatians for Progress. Current Council Members that have already endorsed Cincinnatians for Progress include Jeff Berding, Chris Bortz, Laketa Cole, David Crowley, Leslie Ghiz, Greg Harris, Roxanne Qualls and Cecil Thomas.

"The Anti-Progress Charter Amendment is about much more than the Streetcar," said Nicholas Hollan, a Democrat from Westwood. "This dangerous proposal would threaten to halt all passenger rail in the city, including light and high speed rail."

For more information on Cincinnatians for Progress, please visit www.cincinnatiansforprogress.com.

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