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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peter Frampton Lives in Indian Hill

I found this article kind of interesting so I thought I would point it out. First, I find it very interesting that Peter Frampton actually lives in Cincinnati and even more interesting that he choses to live in Indian Hill where his political views are obviously not shared with his neighbors. Indian Hill residents hosted a fundraiser with Sarah Palin a couple of weeks ago with a minimun donation of $2500 required for attendance. Obviously the McCain/Palin campaign caters mostly to the type of people/income level that resides in Indian Hill. So, I guess Peter Frampton shouldn't be surprised by this opposition. I say good job to Mr. Frampton for standing up for what he believes in even when he's surrounded by so much opposition.


Steve said...

Obviously, you look at the world through the oversimplified prism of the Democrats, believing that the Repubs only stand for rich folks. EARTH TO IDIOT: Republicans stand for NORMAL folks who WORK HARD, BELIEVE IN GOD, PULL THE WAGON AND LOVE THE HISTORY AND TRADITIONS OF AMERICA. It's hard to argue with a knucklehead so few Democrats will ever get the news. Repubs LOVE Peter Frampton and lots of other Libs if they're HONEST, PRODUCTIVE, and don't spend all their time calling normal folks foul names and stealing EVERYONE'S money to give to unions, government "workers" and people who are dishonest and lazy. Now, go have a couple kids out of wedlock, apply for food stamps, and stand by a freeway on-ramp begging for "change" like a good Liberal. And tell your President Urkel he should be looking for a real job (his first!) starting in January 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, wake up..Repub's love the docile kiss butt working poor who know no better. If anyone stands up for them selves for fair pay and safe working conditions neo cons lable them unpatriotic socialists...Where did weekends off come from Steve ?.,.Was that given to the working man from the kind hearted indutrailists that you so much love, or was that the unions who fought for the five day work week and child labor laws, not to mention safe working conditions..All to be torn down by the brain washing Repub's who listen to Rush spread the lies..Hang your Palin sighn and believe the lies Rush and Newt tell you and vote your self right out of a job...One more thing, the scab contractors better never hope the unions go away, because bidding 2 bucks below the union bid will not be there...No coat tails to ride anymore means way less pay....

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