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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Give Back Cincinnati: Help Save the Emery Theater

Help save and bring back to life a beautiful, historic property in Over the Rhine, this Saturday July 26th. Give Back Cincinnati is looking for volunteers to help clean and paint the inside of the old Emery theater property on Walnut and Central Parkway. I wish I could go to this event and help out, but of course I have to work all day and I can't get out of it. SO, I hope some other people reading this blog will at least be able to stop in and help out for an hour or two.
Please check out the details of this event here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A benefit for the Emery?
What for?
Isn't it bad enough that corporations want tax bailout money - do they now want us to have charity concerts for them too?
The time to save the Emery is past.
Why hold a charity event to raise money for a for-profit-corporation that bought the Emery, ripped the Mighty Wurlizer out, gutted the place and turned it into expensive upscale yuppie apartments?

The Emery is gone.

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